Introducing DSA Praxis: Why We’re Running for NPC

The Left’s lack of impact is not a messaging problem; it’s a substantive one. We don’t actually know what Socialism- the liberatory politics of poor and working people- looks like today. The work before us is an organizing challenge and a profoundly transformative experience for all of us. This group believes that by building through organizing, we are also building socialist ideology that is grounded in today’s realities and the experiences of poor and working people.

We need organizing methods that rupture the characteristic alienation of capitalism.

We need to build the power to win elections, to strike, to shut down flows of profit, and to mobilize militant minorities that can galvanize majorities to achieve anything we could dream of

Who We Are

Ravi Ahmad

New York, NY — Native New Yorker. Red Diaper Baby. Recovering Economist. Avid Knitter.

Allie Cohn

Knoxville TN — A short piffy description

Leslie Driskill

Oklahoma City, OK — A short piffy description

Celeste Earley

Anchorage, AL — A short piffy description

Zac Echola

Red River Valley, ND & MN — North Dakotan by choice, dirt poor rural Minnesota kid by birth. Survived Clinton-era welfare reform and got a union job.

Michael Patterson

Anchorage, AL — Working-Class Parent, Homegrown Alaskan, Iraq War Veteran, Occupy D.C and long distance trail runner

Robert Stephens

Chicago, IL — short piffy description