DSA Dues: Building the future

The dues resolution just passed. It is not binding, but the resolution - if properly implemented by the NPC and local chapters - has the potential to greatly expand the national budget. Praxis believes that a dues system should be flexible so that all members can invest in our organization. Currently, there are options for monthly or yearly.

However, dues are important not as a financial issue alone, but because they are an organizing opportunity.

Everyday people, including the poor, donated to the Sanders campaign because they believed in confronting hopelessness. After Trump's election, people joined DSA because the stakes were clear: socialism or barbarism. If we want socialism, we must fight for it and we must fund a fighting organization.

Socialism will not be won by relying on donations from the rich. The transformational political change we want can only happen from the bottom up, when the poor work together. And we're not paternalists: we do not need to tell the poor what they're capable of. When poor people fight revolutions, rich people run. If we don't believe in poor people power, then we might as well be the Democrats.

Most of the Praxis team is in poverty. We're not fighting for an abstraction, we're fighting for our lives. And we want to fund that fight.

The debate is over. It's time for a dues campaign that meets people where they are. We must to provide an opportunity for every DSA member to have a stake in an organization that fights for our collective future. The challenges of 1 or 10 or 100 dollars a month will not stop us from seizing that future. Together.