Solidarity with the Disability Working Group

Praxis would like to express our solidarity with our comrades in the Disability Working Group. We believe that all spaces should be accessible and that DSA should be a leader in advocating for accessibility. Over the course of the convention, we’ve witnessed our comrades struggle with accessibility issues. For example, we currently have no interpreters or closed captioning.

We cannot call ourselves an inclusive organization if we continue to neglect these important needs. Considering this, Praxis pledges to advocate for the following:

1. A specific staff member to be appointed as a Disabilities Officer so that those with disabilities can contact he/she/them with issues or requests.

2. A Disabilities Advocate Committee for any major DSA event. The Disabilities Advocate Committee (DAC) shall be active for any major national event, such as Convention, Regional Trainings, or The People’s Summit. The committee will consist of volunteers who live in the local area of the event. Prior to the event, the DAC shall distribute the Disabilities Accommodation Request survey to identify those with disabilities or special needs. The DAC will then address those needs and ensure accommodations are met, such as interpreters/closed captioning, knowledge of where accessible building entrances are located, and assistance with transportation.

3. Development of a standard disability accommodation request survey, which shall be used for any National DSA event. Local chapters will be strongly encouraged to utilize this form for local events as well. The survey shall have a place for open-ended answers and shall be reviewed by the Disabilities Working Group.

4. A quarterly conference call between the NPC and members of the Disabilities Working Group to evaluate current efforts, needs, and to address recommendations of the DWG.

We cannot continue to ignore the challenges our comrades face and must commit to improving our efforts to advocate for those with disabilities.