With the rapid growth of DSA membership and chapters across the country a thoughtful and methodical approach needs to be developed to decide how funds can be collected and distributed responsibly

If DSA is to keep faith with the hopes raised by its ongoing growth in membership, we will need to raise the funds to develop, extend and deepen our organization at all levels. At a minimum, an amendment that reorganizes our fundraising around monthly membership dues while giving the NPC some flexibility in developing dues and financial management systems is a no-brainer.

Beyond that, the following are several general principles of DSA Praxis:

  • Simple. We advise that DSA make the dues rate as simple as possible by establishing a simple escalating scale of monthly dues ($10, $20, $30, $40 per month), with an annual hardship option.

  • National. DSA has many smaller chapters that cannot be sufficiently funded by a dues split or kickback, therefore financial development would be grossly uneven between large and small chapters. It is the responsibility of the NPC to develop a resource allocation plan that ensures each and every chapter has the basic tools necessary to run campaigns and build a healthy local.

  • Flexible. We must explore revenue streams in addition to membership dues, such as fundraising campaigns to fund specific organizational needs and programs. We also believe that changes in the present dues structure should be made on a rolling basis, at the point of membership renewal.

To implement changes to the dues structure, the new NPC must lead a national Dues Renewal Campaign as a matter of urgency. A dues campaign will be a key method for membership retention and reintegration in addition to fundraising. A dues campaign would be characterized by the following:

  • A robust, easy-to-understand monthly dues program

  • A communication plan with locals to coordinate renewal outreach

  • Adequate additional staff to run a coordinated, strong campaign

  • Coordinate with media working groups to create a strong communications plan that highlights membership victories and activities across the country in the last year.