Chapters should not be islands unto themselves. DSA must work to strengthen relationships between chapters, especially as we do statewide, regional and national campaigns.

Chapters in different areas of the country have different needs. Industries, state laws, customs, population density, and even literal geography vary from region to region. While each chapter has its own set of issues, DSA must aid interaction between chapters in a way that isn’t simply centered on the metropolis at the expense of the suburban and rural.

Coordination between chapters, particularly regionally, can create new possibilities of struggle. For example: abortion access varies by state. In fact, the possibility remains that Roe v. Wade could be overturned and the matter would go, as Donald Trump once said, “to the states.” Regional coordination is crucial in facilitating abortion access, particularly where abortion is more heavily restricted.

This type of resistance is best developed if DSA institutionalizes a regional coordinating system. Regional coordination would provide formal communication structures, ensuring that there is a transparent and democratic process available to all members, especially those who live in rural areas.

At the smallest unit of action, we believe we should strengthen the personal bonds between our organizers. A similar process can connect communities within DSA to create whole new fronts in the struggle for a better world. We propose regional caucuses be formed, which would help members support one another, bring up concerns, and collaborate on ideas for collective action.

We recommend that the NPC do the following:

  • Encourage the existing chapter mentors to communicate within regions

  • Within six months, establish these regional caucuses to foster member to member relationships, chapter to chapter collaboration and campaigns.

  • The NPC would play the role of providing infrastructure and support to chapters as they develop their mobilizer systems, base-building projects, coalitions and campaigns.