Our mission: to help organize an intersectional, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-national, multi-gender US working class, as a class.

Our society runs on labor power. Whether in a formal workplace or the informal economy, labor is a key site of struggle. A vibrant labor movement is a key element in socialist strategy, and DSA must be a resource for organized and unorganized workers alike. We must also take seriously the ways in which labor exploitation is perpetrated by subjugation according to race, gender, sexuality, disability, and other forms of oppression. For many people, the workplace is where they most consistently experience personal identity-based harassment and subordination, so collective worker power is their best vehicle for struggle against these forms of oppression. The confidence and skills gained in worker struggles often have a spillover effect to other aspects of their lives. This makes worker power a key engine for social transformation.


We want to see a labor movement characterized by mass member participation and internal democracy, militant tactics, and political education that raises socialist class consciousness among the rank and file. Labor unions face entrenched opposition across the country. We are sympathetic to their conditions, particularly as right to work threatens their very existence. As an organization, DSA can play a role in supporting existing unions and worker centers. We can also be a resource for the expansion of the labor movement into the South and other regions and sectors with lower union density.


We believe that the role of the NPC in this work is to:

  • Support the work of the existing National Labor Working Group and local chapter Working Groups as the primary DSA body to support chapters in this area.

    • We are supportive of the existing proposal for a Socialist Labor Commission

    • Support a process to identify existing union members and staffers within our organization.

      • Survey DSA union members and staffers to find ways that they see DSA can be relevant to their shop floor organizing and company campaigns.

  • Use the National Training Strategy to provide members with a common understanding of the importance of workplace organizing and basic labor campaign tactics, such as picket lines. Thus allowing all members to be prepared to meaningfully participate in these actions when appropriate.

  • Develop tool kits to help organizers and workers use shop floor organizing to fight identity-based subordination such as racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, and other forms.

  • Support initiatives in the Labor WGs to create caucuses of workers in the same industrial sector in order to build community, relationships, and entry points for the recruitment of new members and to help guide existing members into workplace organizing projects.

  • Build local jobs programs that place community members into union jobs where appropriate.

    • DSA can provide applicants with resume training, interview preparation, and basic political education on the function of unions